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Experienced in animal communication and animal behaviour

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Animals are Cass's priority. She is able to build a rapport with animals so she understands their needs.


Cass sincerely loves animals. She has a passion for them and has spent years studying their behaviour in order to understand them. Now she is sharing what she knows


Helping animals in anyway possible is what Cass aims for. She will give you the support you need beyond her standard services

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Animal communication and healing Reiki for animals

Cass and Junior, a never-ending love

Animal communication is a technique that allows humans to connect with animals at a subtle plane using telepathy, feelings and knowledge of animal species. This type of communication unveils animals’ secret world and allows us to gain an understanding of their needs, their behaviour, their feelings and emotions that drive their behaviour.

It is common practice to combine the wonderful energy healing of Reiki as animals respond well to this natural form of healing. Reiki helps move their Qi around and removes blockages. Reiki also helps animals feeling better and releasing emotions like frustration and anger. Reiki is a treat that animals most likely enjoy!

Cass has much experience in helping animals and their human friends improve their relationship and building strong bonds between themselves. Talk to Cass

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