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Animal communication reading - Junior and Cass
Junior and Cass

Animal Communication reading/session for all animals, worldwide. My animal communication readings are exclusively done via distance using photos of your animal friend. As I travel between planes and connect with the spirit of the animal, the fact that the animal is not with me physically makes no difference. It is a much-preferred technique because no external factors may interfere with the sessions.

I ask for 3 to 4 business days to conduct the sessions because I conduct at least 3 sessions over 3 days. I like to go back and forth with the animal. Sometimes it is difficult for both of us to achieve everything we need to do in one session. Being able to conduct multiple sessions with the animal allows me to do a lot more than just a reading. I like to perform some energy healing/cleansing if necessary, as well as conducting Shamanic journeys, soul-searching and retrieval if necessary.

When I have conducted all the sessions I need, I email you the findings and I like to discuss these with you. It is important for all of us (you, the animal(s) and me) that we confirm those findings and, if necessary, get clarification and explanation.

Because I sincerely want to help you and your animal friends to connect and have a joyful relationship, I will conduct more readings after your feedback if required, at no extra costs. It is important that I get to the bottom of an issue to help you and your animals.

I also work on animals who have passed over or are about to. I can help you and your animal friend(s) to prepare for this difficult and inevitable step in every living beings’ life. 

An animal communication reading may help you with the following:

  • Understand your horse or pet bad behaviour: do you really know why your pet is aggressive?
  • Discover your horse or pet’s past: do you know if they have suffered through abuse and neglect?
  • Did your pet have a previous life?
  • Remove the frustration of not knowing why your animal friend acts a certain way
  • Your horse is screaming at you to listen, but you don’t hear him… let me be your ears
  • Improve/modify your horse or pet bad behaviour in a natural, gentle and subtle way
  • Discover where your pet hurts and aches
  • Discover their likes and dislikes
  • Improve the dynamics of the group, herd or household
  • See with your pet’s eyes
  • Resolve conflicts between you and your pet or between your pet and another one
  • Understand your pet’s real and deep needs
  • Create a magical and amazing communication channel between your horse/pet and you
  • Help you and your pet during difficult times such as illness and when it is time to cross over.

What animal communication will not do for you:

  • It will not fix all the problems. Quite often, problems arise from an unsuitable environment for the animal’s needs, or from lack/poor/wrong of training, or past experiences. It is then necessary to change the environment, or conduct new training or accept that what the animal has experienced in the past will never totally go away.
  • Quite often, the owner needs to retrain the animal using professional, caring trainers
  • Normal behaviour: animals have normal behaviour that we, humans, don’t always find acceptable, like a cat scratching furniture or a horse wanting to gently nibble at his owner. These are normal behaviour for them and it would be difficult to make these animals understand they cannot do this because we don’t like this behaviour. The owner will most likely have to do something other than an animal communication to mitigate the behaviour, like applying a no-scratch spray on the furniture or teaching the horse to never use his teeth and always be gentle.

After purchasing an animal communication reading, please email me the following details:

  • Name of the animal
  • Species/Breed
  • Gender
  • Age
  • How long has the animal been with you
  • Whether the animal is still on this Earth or has crossed over
  • A picture where the animal is by himself (preferably where I can see their eyes, but not mandatory). I like to see who I talk to.
  • What you want me to work on: the questions you might have, the problems etc. Although it might be tempting not to disclose everything to see if I will be able to pick the issues up, it is best to let me know the full picture because I will target the session based on the problems, otherwise, I may waste time trying to understand something that is not there and will have to conduct extra sessions.

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I have a passion for horses and animal communication has opened the doors to a secret world. I am also passionate about animal welfare and justice for them.

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