Bumble Foot in Chickens

A common disease among chicken is the evil Bumble Foot. Bumble Foot basically causes swollen and painful chicken feet due to inflammation and hardening of tissues in the area. Whether it has happened to your chickens yet or not, it is advisable to pick up some knowledge so you can detect it early … Continue reading

Tips For Building A Chicken Coop

If you are planning to keep your own chickens in the yard or garden, you’ll need to get your egg-producing pets a nice home to protect them the elements. A chicken coop is exactly what you need to do so and learning how to build an effective and well placed coop can go a long way in keeping your … Continue reading

How To Build A Chicken Nest Box

Chicken Nest Boxes are containers that are designed for facilitating the laying of eggs. They are very useful and are quite easy to build, not to mention the room for customisation in terms of both function and design. Fundamentally, nest boxes are meant to help hens lay eggs. As such, the primary … Continue reading

Fencing Your Chickens

A key thing every chicken owner already knows by now is that every chicken flock must have its own chicken house. However, it is also vital that your chicken house has fences set up around the perimeter to help keep intruders out. Chickens are easy prey for many of the more common predators and … Continue reading