Goat Care Basics

Goat-raising and caring can be a lot of fun because goats have peculiar characteristics that set them apart from other farm animals. Goats can be exciting pets and perfect for business. Goat care is actually quite simple. All it takes is patience and the love of goats.

The Goat Family

The male is called a Buck. Males have a strong odour which can be quite unpleasant to humans but very attractive to the female goat the Doe. However, if bucks are left with does, this musky smell will affect the milk which will produce a specific odour. Their off-springs are simply called Kids. read more

Horse Care Basics – Part 2

Following on Part 1 of Horse Care Basics, this article provides tips on grooming, management of stalls and stables and horse training.

Horse grooming tips

Wild horses stay clean by grooming themselves daily, rolling in grass, scratching against trees and getting washed by rain. They naturally know how and what to do to eliminate shedding hair and have their hooves trimmed. Domesticated horses who do not live among a herd or are confined in small areas or stables, rely entirely on humans to carry out these essential grooming tasks. read more