Equine Gastric Ulcers and Herbs

Equine Gastric Ulcers (EGUS) are very common in horses, including pleasure horses. Although there are some products on the market, it is possible to manage EGUS with herbs. This article is not about the causes of EGUS but how to manage it naturally. Studies have shown that around 90% of race … Continue reading

Macerated Oil Recipe

This is an easy recipe to make your own macerated oil which you can then use on your pet within a massage blend or ointment. You will need: Fresh or dried herbs/roots/flowers etc Enough good vegetable oil to cover the above. No need to use cold-pressed oil as it will be heated up A … Continue reading

Tincture Recipe

This method is a recipe to make a herbal tincture that you can then use on your pet. You will need: jar with a lid (around 500ml) 80-100 proof alcohol like Brandy or Vodka dried or fresh herbs a big bowl cheese cloth dark glass bottle(s) Fresh herbs: You will need 1 part of … Continue reading