What is animal communication?

Animal communication is the ability to use your intuition to communicate with animals through their energetic fields. Animals are masters at sensing their environment, including the true feelings of people. Among themselves, animals communicate not only with body language, but also through their … Continue reading

Who took my carrot?

Have you got a horse who is impatient for his feed? One who will attack others if they come close to his feed bin? Even sometimes his owner? In my experience, such aggressive horse has turned like this because he has been starved in his life. So you might reply, but he has all the feed he needs … Continue reading

Does my horse love me?

This is a question I am often asked to put forward during an Animal Communication session. In my experience, the answer is yes and no. "No" because horses do not love humans the way we understand love and "Yes" because they like us, or quite often their owner(s), in their own unique … Continue reading