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Shelly & Jack, Australia

Little pony

Cass has helped me and Jack (Banner the name I gave him) through our journey (well sort of a journey)
Anyway Jack came from a farm where he spent most of his life (16 years). I was curious of what had happened and where he had been before. Luckily for me I found out about Cass who has had a few chats with Jack.

Jodi (Animal communication correspondence course)

Student - Animal Communication

Personally I have really loved the course and have well and truly got my monies worth. I also bought the 3 together which saves money. Cass is readily available and very prompt in replying to any questions I have had. Also really supportive, which I have found lovely as for me I have always felt and sensed things but not at all confident in believing it. Unlike your bigger course providers I find she has a real personal approach which is the next best thing then an in person workshop with her.

Mary and Dodger Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Little pony

Thanks for helping us Cass! I am very impressed about the depth of information you got from Dodger and the fact you picked up on things I hadn’t told you about and it was true!

Joyce G, QLD

Little pony

In September 2009, I attended an Animal Communication workshop with Cass and had no idea what to expect. The idea of talking to animals was completely new to me and while not a total sceptic, there was a lot for me to take in. It was a fascinating day and the one thing I came away with was that we talk to animals with our hearts not our heads.

Jess, Ricard Stud, Childers, QLD, Australia

Little pony

As a breeder and Trainer I have always believed that a good relationship with your local vet, feed store and Bowen therapist was so important to keeping our ponies in the best possible condition for both the show ring and pleasure. Until I met Cass. Cass has dealt with a few of my horses and ponies now and I could not be happier with the out come. I feel that she is the missing link in the chain and is always there to answer all my questions. Cass has never seen my horses and ponies before , only the photos I have sent her and she knows more about them than I could ever have imagined. I love how professional she is and explains every thing to me in such great detail. Thank u Cass for your dedicated service.”

Ricard Stud, Childers, QLD, Australia

Siobhan, Gina, Morgaine, Molly and Minie, Australia


Molly and Minie are doing a lot better together now, and Minie only bugs Molly sometimes, but Molly doesn’t get as stirred up as she used to (only a bit!).

Molly is a changed dog and looks a lot happier! But she does still bark a bit and gets jealous at times. She has completely stopped nipping at Morgaine’s legs when we take her for walks now.

We can’t thank you enough.

Lisa, Mishka, Stoli and Cooper, Victoria Point, QLD


Thanks for your help over the past few days. It’s been hard and I’ve been bursting into tears at the drop of a hat. It was a big shock coming home the other night to see her limping but now I’ve prepared myself for next week and been talking to the dogs about it so we should all be more prepared for it.

Lisa and Pippa, Victoria Point, QLD, Australia


I was given a ringneck parrot named Noah 18 months ago which was someones unwanted birthday present. He had been neglected and was a very timid bird to the point that even looking at him would make him squawk. During the past 18 months I have made  considerable progress but he still would try and bite me at every opportunity – especially when filling his food bowls. I also had a feeling that he was in fact a she going by certain behaviours.

Gina and Asha

Little pony

I’ve noticed a huge difference today – she just seems so happy, and she whinnies a greeting every time she sees us, it is so good to see her like that again! Thank you!

Christie and Matty Sydney NSW, Australia

Little pony

Cass performed a ‘distance session’ on my horse, and what she was able to tell me was simply amazing. Without reading the things she told me about my own horse, I would have never believed it – but she has certainly changed my opinion now and I will be more open-minded in the future. I highly recommend Cass to every horse owner!

Tammy and Rosie

Little pony

Thanks so much again. You’ve made this so much easier for both of us, I don’t know how to thank you :0)

Helen & Ripley, SE QLD, Australia


Hi Cass, Things with my dogs have been going quite well lately, I have been putting your spray on them every so often and there has been no aggression sessions lately…I will keep using it though, has to be a hell of a lot better for them than drugs….

Sarah and Bosco

Little pony

Your kindness is so greatly appreciated and I’m so happy because Bosco seems a lot happier than the last time he had a reading done. This is such great news!

Rosie, Patsy and Bubby Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Little pony

Dear Cass, I would like to thank you for all the help you have given me with my old mares, Bubby and Patsy. Thanks to you, I know they are both happy and I have learnt so much more about their personalities, especially Patsy’s. The way you do listen to them proves you certainly have a gift with horses. You can not only listen to them, you are able to pick up old injuries and current problems as well! Your knowledge of what you do is astounding and I have recommended you to many people. You truly are ‘The horse listener’
Thank you for all the time you’ve given my horses and I.

Ellie and Lad Ipswich, SE QLD, Australia

Little pony

I’ve always been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to stuff like this, but wow, not really anymore! Wow, that is AMAZING, simply AMAZING

Peter and DeCat, Qld

Little pony

Thanks to you he is on top of the world and I really appreciate your hard work.

Chiga and Robin, Tokyo, Japan


Cass, thank you for the report. I’ve just received it now. The report is so outstanding that I cannot put into words how I am feeling now. Now I know how much time is left for us, so I want to cherish our time together as much as I can.  Thank you very much for the reading. I’ve tried animal communication three times in the last 2 years with different animal communicators and you are the best!

I am so happy to get to know an unique animal communicator like you. Maybe Robin has helped me finding you.

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